Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most.

Click on the “Register” button in the top right-hand corner of the website. Sign up with your name, location and store details. This enables you to gain access to our full learning platform, to save your progress and to determine how you compare to colleagues and the industry.

Please contact us at or use the form on contact us.

While Horseware Academy has been developed with sales clerks and customer service agents in mind, both in-store and at online retailers, the lessons are also relevant to anyone who wants to learn more about the Horseware Ireland range. It can help differentiate the various products and to identify which items is most suitable for you and your horse.

Horseware Ireland has a vast array of equestrian products in its portfolio. In order to help you educate your customers on the most appropriate product for their equestrian needs, we’ve developed a library of educational videos about our brand, our core products and our core range. Through understanding the unique features and benefits of our range, you’ll be more easily able to identify which products is most suitable and, ultimately, be able to sell more efficiently.

There are six certification levels:

  • Level 1: Beginner
  • Level 2: Intermediate
  • Level 3: High Intermediate
  • Level 4: Advanced
  • Level 5: Specialist
  • Level 6: Expert

The certification levels range between 30 and 50 lessons per grade. They differ due to a variety of factors including complexity, range of products, seasonal influences and relevance to a particular topic.

Demonstrate your expertise. Show that you're a certified Horseware Academy expert with a personalized certificate that you can print.

Help your company earn the Horseware Ireland Official Partner badge. To earn the badge, companies need at least one of their staff to be Horseware Ireland certified, in addition to other requirements. Speak to your customer service representative to learn more about the requirements to earn the Horseware Ireland Official Partner badge.

Chance to win a Horseware Ireland make-over for you and/or your horse. Every successful completion is entered into our bi-annual draw to win $500/€500/£400 of Horseware Ireland goodies direct from us.

Horseware Academy is an evolving platform with new courses becoming available on a regular basis. Your Horseware Academy certification will remain valid for 12 months. When the certification expires, you\ll need to retake all courses within the module to keep your certification.

Horseware Ireland has a vast range of products which differ by sub brand, style and features. Within this there is also both a core range and a seasonal range. To encourage continuous learning and to account for the regular changes to keep the Academy up to date, we do not release all the lessons at once but rather on a rolling basis.

You will receive a digital certificate when you successfully complete levels 1 – 4. Upon completion of levels 5 and 6, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement from us, which will be mailed to you at the address provided at registration.

We are releasing lessons on a rolling basis. Not all relevant lessons have been released to be eligible for a particular Certificate of Achievement. Please check back again to see if they’re available.